Ekadasi Gita Daan Club

Club members get 40% discount coupon every ekadasi on Bhagavad-gita all languages. By applying 40% discount coupon, you can get BG at Rs. 120/- + transportation charge Rs 100/-. So club members will be spending Rs 440/- every month.

Steps involved
– Fill the form below to join the club
– You will receive a call from a volunteer to confirm your commitment
– You will be added to a group
– 5 days before ekadasi: The group moderator will send message alerting to find a fortunate soul and collect their address to send the Gita on ekadasi
– Then on each day count down message will be posted
– On the day of ekadasi send your Gita to the fortunate soul that you have selected and post a message on the group. (Group will be opened up for everyone to post on ekadasi)

I wish to donate a Gita on every Ekadasi and receive unlimited blessing of the Lord

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